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Pregnancy discrimination is rampant -- even in Beverly Hills

Legislators try very hard to obtain gender equality in the workplace. A new California law that prohibits companies from paying female employees lower salaries than males if they do similar jobs came into force on Jan. 1. However, women on all levels of the employment ladder may be vulnerable to discrimination when they decide to start a family -- even those in high profile jobs in Beverly Hills.

Your job and your weight

Recently, you may have seen reports confirming that working women still earn less than men on the average. However, a recent law school study revealed that your weight could also be the reason your paycheck is smaller. In fact, if you are even slightly overweight, you may be making less than an average-sized woman.

Five Subtle Forms Of Workplace Discrimination

It may often seem easy to spot the signs of employment discrimination or harassment. Unfortunately, workers in any protected class have a great deal of experience recognizing discriminatory or harassing comments that can create a hostile work environment. However, the signs workplace discrimination based upon gender, racial, religious, age and unlawful conduct may be subtle and hard to detect. Supervisors and management may seem to interact well with workers, while allowing discriminatory policies to continue to infect the employment process.


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