Protecting You Against A Breach Of Your Employment Contract

When an employer takes action that breaches a contract with an employee, it is essential that the employee take action to assert his or her rights. An employer who is willing to breach a contract is not likely to rectify the situation without some sort of motivation such as the fear of a lawsuit.

We have the extensive experience and skills necessary to help you fight for all the rights your contract guaranteed, including:

  • Compensation
  • Stock options
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Ownership interests

Employees, especially executives and managers, in restaurant, entertainment and other industries face some very dire choices when their employers have failed to honor the terms of their employment contracts. You deserve all the benefits your contract was supposed to confer. We can take effective legal action for you that will fight for everything you deserved from your employment.

Strategic Legal Solutions To Breaches Of Employment Contracts

At Sherman Law Group, we have more than 45 years of combined experience. We offer representation that is not only highly effective, but also extremely efficient. By doing so, we are able to offer our clients premier counsel and advocacy that respect their finances as much as their needs and goals. Our aggressive approach to trial and negotiations has generated real results for past clients, including multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements such as the $14 million award we obtained for our clients against Death Row Records. That verdict included $10 million in punitive damages, one of the top 10 punitive damages awards in California.

Breach Of Contract Attorneys Serving Beverly Hills And Throughout Southern California

You deserve representation that will take an intelligent and aggressive approach to resolving your employment contract issues. Sherman Law Group can help. Call 866-498-0522 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers.